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What Are the Most Frequent Causes of Bus Accidents?

You might assume that the bus driver is at fault when there is a bus crash, but several other things could lead to a collision involving a bus. The driver of another vehicle could be responsible for the accident. There might be a mechanical failure or flaw in the bus or one of its parts. It may be that the bus company was negligent.

If you got hurt in a bus crash, a Little Rock auto accident attorney can tell you about the compensation you might be able to recover for your injuries and losses. Let’s look at the most frequent causes of bus accidents. 

Negligence by the Driver of the Bus

Bus drivers are only human, and sometimes they make mistakes or poor decisions. When these things happen while the bus driver is behind the wheel, the result could be severe injuries or fatalities of bus passengers, people in other cars, or pedestrians.

Here are some of the common mistakes bus drivers make that can cause collisions: 

  • Speeding. Buses are supposed to run on a timetable. When bus drivers get behind schedule, they might drive too fast for the conditions.
  • Failing to stop at a stop sign or red light. Bus drivers are supposed to follow the rules of the road just like everyone else. Unfortunately, some drivers get a little lax and try to squeak by without coming to a full stop or by driving through a red light. 
  • Bus drivers hold commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), which means that they have a much lower permitted level of alcohol in their bloodstream. A bus driver could be held accountable for an accident if they were impaired by alcohol, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or other substances that could affect a person’s physical or mental ability to drive safely.
  • Driving while distracted or when fatigued are also factors that can cause or contribute to a bus crash.

When a bus driver’s negligence causes a person to get injured in an accident, the bus driver can be liable for the injured person’s losses. 

The Driver of Another Vehicle

The same types of driver error that can cause a bus driver to be held liable for a collision could be present with the driver of another vehicle. People driving passenger vehicles are prone to make the same kinds of mistakes as bus drivers. The bus driver is not always the one at fault in a crash.

Mechanical Failure 

The bus might have a mechanical defect that causes it to get into a collision. For example, if the brakes or steering fail, the bus driver might be unable to avoid an accident. Also, if the company that performs maintenance on the buses is careless, the company could be held responsible for negligence that causes a collision involving the bus. 

How the Bus Company Could Be Accountable

There are several ways that the bus company could be liable for collisions. If the company hired people who are not qualified bus drivers, failed to take dangerous drivers off of the road, cut corners on safety concerns in the maintenance of the buses, or pressured drivers to work longer hours than they should, the bus company could be liable to people who get injured in bus crashes. 

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