Little girl and mother hugging while upset

When a spouse, parent, or other family member is tragically killed in an accident, the victim’s (or decedent’s) family is often left with mounting expenses and little or no income to pay them. This is especially true when the decedent was the primary breadwinner, and his or her salary was used to pay the mortgage, care for the children, pay for schooling, and cover other living expenses. A monetary recovery may seem like little consolation, but unfortunately, the bills continue even in your loved one’s absence and can add tremendous stress to what’s already the most difficult time of your life. That’s why the assistance a wrongful death attorney can be crucial.

Wrongful death lawsuits allow you and other surviving family members to hold the negligent defendants legally responsible and recover the financial resources needed to provide for yourself and family members in your loved one’s absence. In Arkansas, the decedent’s surviving spouse, children, siblings, and parents are permitted to file wrongful death claims. Further, the decedent’s cause of action survives his or her death, in which case there is a separate set of damages and recovery for the decedent’s estate. That separate recovery may be distributed to other family members, in addition to the recovery available to spouses, children, siblings, and parents of the decedent.

A wrongful death claim can be one of the most emotional claims to file. You’re facing complicated legal processes and financial burdens, all while dealing with the loss of a loved one. While every wrongful death case is unique, at Reed Firm, our goals are always the same. First, we will ensure that the negligent or reckless party is held accountable, and second, we aim to provide you with the financial resources needed to care and provide for your family for the rest of their lives. Contact the Reed firm today to help file a claim and get justice for your loss.