Made me feel very comfortable

Late 2020 I found myself facing some very substantial consequences due to a legal situation I was involved in. Immediately I was terrified, it felt like the world was falling in around me. I reached out to attorney Tim Reed after being referred by several family friends that assured me he was my best chance for success in facing this unfortunate situation. Tim immediately made me feel very comfortable. He urged me to open up and express all of my feelings and thoughts about the situation. I was absolutely shocked at how hard he immediately began working and gathering the necessary information. Tim was not only punctual but paid attention to absolutely every detail no matter minor. He constantly gave me the reassurance I was needing and was there day and night to answer any question I had no matter how silly it seemed at the time. Come the day of court his confidence was very comforting. Mind you I was facing over one year of incarceration and close to $5000 in financial penalty. Tim urged me to make decisions that were in my best interest despite wanting me to agree with what the prosecution had already offered. Tim was able to reduce the matter all the way down to a simple fine of $600. There’s no doubt in my mind that without Attorney Tim Reed‘s absolute commitment to my case, where I would not be here and able to type this today. Thank you very much Tim you quite literally saved a portion of my life!

— Jacob B.
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